30 Days of Pride Tag


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Notes from the Creator

  • This tag originally uses the word “queer” as an umbrella term for the LGBTQ+ community, but you are free to change it to whatever term or abbreviation you are most comfortable with for your own post.
  • You don’t have to be out to be proud of who you are. Therefore, you can still do this tag if you aren’t out to everyone you know, as long as you feel comfortable and safe doing it!
  • Don’t feel obligated to answer all of these questions or to even do this if you are tagged. I want this to be a fun pride month post, not a source of anxiety for anyone.
  • Happy Pride Month!

Black & Brown: People Of Color — Who Is Your Favorite Queer Celebrity/Creator Of Color?

So many!! I just want to take a moment to talk about Amal El-Mohtar though, her short fiction is incredible and her debut novel, This is How You Lose the Time War (co-written with Max Gladstone) blew me away! In short: it’s about two time-traveling spies who are on opposite sides of a time war and they fall in love while exchanging letters. Add it to your TBR ASAP.

Lavender: Diversity — Name A Piece Of Media (Movie, TV Show, Book, Podcast, Etc.) With Queer Representation That You Admire For Its Overall Diversity.

I’m going to default back to one of the books I’ve been talking about a lot recently- American Hippo. Gailey’s alt-history western absolutely warmed my heart. It took all of the wit, humor, and absolute mayhem of Firefly (my favorite franchise growing up) but with people of various sexualities, gender identities, and races. It was all the childhood nostalgia with the added bonus of “oh my god, these people are like me and my friends!”

Pink: Sex — What Are Your Sexual And Romantic Orientations And Gender Identity? (If You’re Comfortable Sharing!)

I’m a bisexual cis gal.

Red: Life — What Point Of Your Life Were You At When You First Learned About The Queer Community? What Point Were You At When You Realized You Were A Part Of It?

I learned in early middle school via my friends, but it would be nearly a decade before I finally realized and accepted my place in this community.

Orange: Healing — Community Is A Huge Part Of Healing. How Has This Community Helped You Become More Comfortable In Your Own Skin?

In all honesty, I’m not really that comfortable in my own skin most days, but I’m doing my best.

Yellow: Sunlight — What Is Something About The Queer Community And/Or Culture That Makes You Happy? Something You Find Joy Or Light In.

The parts of this community that are truly inclusive and uplifting. There are plenty of problematic people within the queer community, but the vast majority of people I interact with are kind, encouraging, and willing to go to bat for one another when need be.

Green: Nature — How Have You Grown Since Last Pride Month?

Oh gosh, in so many ways. This time last year I’d only ever read a single book with queer characters- Song of Achilles- and I had only a handful of people in my life who i was out to. Not everyone in my life knows now, but I feel much safer being as open as I am.

Turquoise: Magic/Art — When You Found A Label That Fit Or Realized You Were Queer In Some Way, Was Your Moment Of Realization A Magical Feeling Of Relief?

I don’t think there was ever a perfect “ah ha” moment as I’ve grown into this identity. I didn’t grow up in an environment that was accepting of queer people so I was caught up in year of denial before I finally realized I’m a part of this community. That realization resulted in more fear and inner turmoil for years and resulted in the loss of few friends. I’m away from that now, and that has been the most incredible feeling of relief.

Indigo: Serenity — Would You Say You’re At A Point Of Self-Discovery That You’ve Found Inner Peace With Your Gender And Sexual Identities?

I don’t think the self-discovery process really ever comes to an end, but for now I’m at peace for the first time in my life. I’m sure I will experience moments of doubt and uncertainty plenty of times in the future, but I’m enjoying this temporary peace.

Violet: Spirit — How Are You Getting Into The Spirit Of Pride Month?

This month my main project was the 30 Days of Pride Recs series and I also reviewed on of my favorite queer books: Magic for Liars.


Tagging to do the 30 Days of Pride Tag: Everyone and anyone who wants to!

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